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  • Carol and Rosie:
         A forever friendship
    Carol Hardy met Sister Rose Helen Miller in 1956, and the two maintained a friendship until Sister Rosie’s passing. They credit their friendship to a willingness to keep in contact and the ease of using Facebook and email. How do you reach out to others? What important relationships have you maintained in your life?
  • Germany trip creates
         international connections
    Notre Dame High School students and their SSND teachers visited the birthplace of the congregation in Germany. The students traveled to Notre Dame sister-schools in Bavaria to meet fellow German students and experience the SSND mission in another culture. What have you learned from visiting other places? How do you experience other cultures?
  • Finding Hope for a Healthy Planet Climate change is a global issue that requires a global response made up a millions of local actions. A recent Earth conference in Minnesota provided a day of education, reflection, community-building and networking. How are you leaving future generations a cleaner, safer world?

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